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Page title for search engines

The title of a Web page is in the html <title> tag, at the top of the code page between the <head> and </head> tags.

For this page, the title is:

<title>Submission and title of a Web page with Webmaster-now</title>

Title is an important element of a successful optimization.

It is recommended to enter a different and specific title for each page. This way, the webmaster improves chances to attract an audience always more targeted and interested.

Every page deserves a specific keyword. The best one is introducing in a few words (keyword) the content of the page.

For this page: "title" and "submission" are two critical words. "Webmaster-now" is added to every title of the site. "Web" and "page" are interesting words in the context of this page. The title is maybe a little too long but is a good introduction to what this page is talking about.

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