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Google is without doubt the most popular search engine on the Internet.

Every day, millions of people use it. Google indexes more than 5 billion pages.

Today, a site's submission to Google is free.

It is useless to submit the same web site several times, to several different Google in the world. Only one submission is enough.

It is also useless to submit several pages of the same site. One page is enough.

It is also useless to submit new content. Google takes care of everything and visits web sites regularly.

A successful submission takes between 2 to 6 weeks.

Google uses factors such as internal and external links, title, description, content to identify the topic of a web page. Google uses the Google Page Rank technology to rank sites between themselves. Pages are ranked from 0 to 10, mainly based on the number of internal and external links.

An external link on a page with a page rank of 8 is obviously better than the same link on a page rank 3. Note that page rank is not the only factor used by Google but just one among 150 others.

The webmaster's goal is to get external links on pages with a page rank equal or higher to the page linking to.

In order to know page ranks, webmasters need to install on their computer the Google tool bar, integrated into the web browser.

Google offers numerous services that may appeal to webmasters:

- number of external links: link:www.urldusite.com

- Tool bar
Essential to webmasters because the tool bar gives the page rank of any web page. Many other interesting tools: fast search, sites information, popularity, popup blocker, autofill form, etc

- Translation
Many visitors use the translation tool to get the content of a site in their own language

- News
Great tool to maintain and update news on your site

- News alert
Get the latest news by email with a specific keyword

- Google AdWords
Advertising network that let advertisers choose keywords, and list their web sites in the Google search page of these keywords. Advertisers can also choose to show their ads on partnered web sites. Google has developed a technology to identify keywords matching content and ads. This is called « contextual advertising ». The advertisers indicate how much they are ready to pay when an user clicks on their link. Google Adsense is the name of the network for publishers (typically the webmaster). Learn more about paid search engines

- Google is even a calculator !
Type in 365*24 in the search box and press enter

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gives you some advices to manage a web site:

1: Choose the right keyword

2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
external links - press release - internet partnership - online marketing - offline marketing

5: Buy visitors


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